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Tempermill, Detroit, Detroit recording studios, recording studio, Ferndale, Michigan, music, audio, audio production, mastering, mixing, producing, studio, engineer, ProTools, Pro Tools, analog, digital

David Feeny

has been the fearful leader of the Tempermill since founding the studio in 1985. David started playing loud music in high school and has been guilty of countless beauty school hairstyle experiments ever since. After tricking numerous bands to pay him to make recordings in his parents' basement, he felt the need to relocate (in the form of a shoe up his ass) in 1989. David Feeny

You can find him painstakingly placing microphones, tweaking mixes, fixing some plumbing, or on the roof of the studio with a bucket of tar. David has played guitar and keyboards in a number of groups over the years, most notably Hysteric Narcotics and The Orange Roughies. He was also fortunate enough to play pedal steel and engineer on the Grammy award winning Loretta Lynn record 'Van Lear Rose.' He currently performs with and produces records with Blanche, American Mars and Sunshine Doray.

"I feel like my unique perspective as an engineer/producer is also being a musician and intimately knowing the feeling of being 'inside' the maelstrom of energy that goes into being a band; looking out from the inside of a song or sound and hearing it a certain way," says Feeny. "Then stepping out around the glass and (hopefully objectively) assessing it from the outside looking in and trying to get it right."

A small sampling of the countless artists he's worked with: The White Stripes, The Hard Lessons, Crime and the City Solution, Josh Ritter, Dean Fertita (Hello=Fire), G-Love and Special Sauce, Wig, PW Long's Reelfoot, Thunderbirds Are Now!, Goober & and the Peas, The Dirtbombs, Simon Bonney, Charm Farm, Mule, Small Brown Bike, Demolition Dollrods, Majesty Crush, LaSalle and his most prized production credit: his progeny Fiona & Declan. If you’re looking for even more insight, check out the press page. David still migrates to Florida every spring in the hopes that the Tigers may be looking for a veteran middle-infielder with good clubhouse skills.


Jim Kissling

has been a non-coffee drinking anomaly at the Tempermill since 1997, and heads up the Tempermill's ProTools Genius Bar. However, he is not opposed to winding on a reel of 2-inch and cutting to tape when appropriate. Jim's discography is fairly schizophrenic, in that you'll find credits ranging from Jim KisslingDetroit Techno to every variation of Pop/Rock, Jazz and Classical.

With an Artist roster ranging from pre-teens making their studio debut to internationally known major-label types, Jim can take a project from the first recorded note through to a completed master ready for replication. Several engineer friends and artist/producers on the East and West coast routinely rely on Jim to put the final mastering touches on their productions.

Jim's discog includes Ursula Walker, The Muggs, The Dirtbombs, David Viner, The Paybacks, The Sirens, Jonatha Brooke, Jill Cunniff, Jesse Palter, Jeremy Spencer (Fleetwood Mac), Brett Lucas, Michael Ivins (Flaming Lips), Faster Pussycat, Jill Jack, Jawbone and Kevin Saunderson. A quick check of artistdirect.com or allmusic.com will also give you a sense of the diversity of Jim's work.


Tony Hamera

is a graduate of the Recording Institute of Detroit ('90) and boasts the second-longest tenure at The Tempermill. Tony HameraHe began his recording career at The Tempermill in 1992 as an assistant to David Feeny and began doing his own recording sessions in 1994. Since then, he has recorded hundreds of demo and album projects in almost every conceivable musical genre.

As well as being sought out by hard rock and heavy metal bands for his acute knowledge of that genre, he also specializes in sampling and drum programming. Tony has also been composing his own music in various projects since 1986 (Fatal, Noc Barrage, Caelum Bliss, Deathgirl.com, Firewerk, and Ether Aura). Currently, he is sharing songwriting duties with his wife Kate in their band, The Blueflowers.

Some of the more notable groups Tony has recorded include Outrageous Cherry, Dutch Pink, The Volebeats, The Meatmen, Fiftywatthead, Andre Williams, Superbomb, Escaping Pavement, The Whiskey Charmers, Voyag3r, and Against the Grain. He also enjoys sunsets, gourmet coffee, and his menagerie of household pets.


Erik Maluchnik

came to the Tempermill in 2007 as a disillusioned live sound engineer. After being gently talked down from the ledge, he has become a valuable addition to Team Tempermill. Erik Maluchnik

Although he still occasionally falls over to the dark side of live sound, he's made some great recordings with Warren Haynes (Allman Brothers/Gov't Mule), Shonna Tucker (Drive By Truckers), Flogging Molly, Keane, The Thornbills, Isosceles Mountain, Brave Rifles and countless others.

He has mangled guitars and toured with The Holy Fire and lately has done some scoring, composing and lots of post production commercial work, not to mention working on an ambient guitar record.

Erik is also a terrific culinary artist and takes lovely photographs, including many of the photos that appear here on the website.


Matt Basner

is a transplant to the Detroit area from Mid-Michigan, where he studied broadcasting and audio engineering at Central Michigan University. Matt BasnerHe snuck his way into a coveted Tempermill internship in 2009 only to scrub, solder and serve his way to assistant and, eventually, engineer.

He will record anything and all things, and, as the youngest member of the Tempermill menagerie, is eager to please. He knows his way around the mic closet and has a great talent for helping you find a sound. Matt also spends time home-recording with his band Massive Cabbage.

Some of the artists Matt's worked with include Blaire & The Bombshells, The Bandra Report, Late Nights Early Mornings, Old House New Door, Onna and Eastbound. When not being confused for Dave Feeny's son while banking at the drive thru, Matt likes plugging in ALL of the guitar pedals, The Simpsons, street tacos and (insert anecdotal sardonic cultural reference here).



Geoff Michael designed and helped build most of the current Tempermill in 1989, and reluctantly engineered sessions here until the mid 90's ;). He programmed and developed our "Virtual Faders" console automation and some other lovely outboard gear. (He's smart.) He currently runs Big Sky Recording in Ann Arbor, is a great skier, and remains cranky.

Mike E Clark worked exclusively at the Tempermill from 1990-1994 and made records with ICP, Kid Rock, Majesty Crush and many, many others. He's been busily making great records ever since and performs as Project:Deadman.

Steve King freelanced at the Tempermill in the mid 90's. He's gone on to engineer & co-produce records and win Grammys with little-known artist Marshall Mathers.

Jim Diamond worked at the Tempermill in the late 90's and now runs Ghetto Recorders in Detroit. Jim's worked with the White Stripes, the Dirtbombs, The Sights and countless other under-nourished bands. He's even talking about the possibility of buying an iPod.

Mike Harrell was the only engineer that preferred to work midnights. He now sells real estate.

Jay Clifton runs a studio out of his house and occasionally does sessions at the Tempermill. He's got tattoos of his own skeleton on his feet. (ow.)

Victor Minetola engineered some great projects at the 'Mill from '99-'05, he's now the Worship & Creative Arts Leader at University Lutheran Chapel in Ann Arbor. (getting paid to play music every week, what?)


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